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Greenhouse Gases
Reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time
Increasing Energy Demand
Growing population, increased urbanization rates and economic growth lead to an increase on the demand for more energy sources
Waste Management
In 2025 about 2.6 billion tonnes of waste are expected to be generated, challenging environmental and public health management in municipalities worldwide
Cleantechs are called to solve these challenges, using Biomass, Agricultural, Domestic & Industrial Residues as alternative fuels for Power and Thermal Applications.

Despite efforts to increase the recycling of MSW, a non-recyclable fraction is still disposed of in landfills. This fraction contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. However, this non-recyclable fraction does have a potential use as Refuse Derived Fuel or Solid Recovered Fuel (RDF/SRF): heat and electricity clean generation.

Being part of
The Solution

WtE-AS proprietary CleanTech Advance Thermochemical Conversion Technology generate alternative/ clean energy from waste feedstocks, such as MSW (RDF/SRF), Industrial Waste, MBM (meat and bone meal), Poultry Litter, Biomass/Agricultural Residues, DSS (dry sewage sludge), Used Tires, etc.

WtE-AS is the only Cleantech using MBM as fuel in the world.

Heat and Power Generation for Industries using a low cost residual feedstocks as fuel, allows large energy costs savings to industries and municipalities, while reducing the emissions and environmental & health problems associated to waste disposal.

The WtE-AS Advanced Thermochemical Conversion Technology





Waste to Energy