Waste to Thermal Application - Oporto

Waste to Thermal Application - Oporto

Reference case:

  • Location: Portugal
  • In Operation since: 2014
  • Project Type: Industrial Waste to Thermal Energy (Steam)
  • Thermal Capacity: 16 MWth
  • Waste Valorization Capacity: 3 t/h
  • Waste Fuel: Meat and Bone Meal Cat01
  • Client type: Industrial


  1. Replace the use of Natural Gas
  2. Syngas from the MBM Gasification
  3. Fuel Savings of more than 1,8 MM€/year
  4. Cleantech for Valorization of more than 8.500 t/year of Residue
  5. Green House Gases Emissions reduction of 10.700 tons of CO2/year
  6. Renewable Energy Source
  7. Since startup, more than 200 GWh of Fuel substitution

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