About Us

WtEnergy Advanced Solutions , is a technological company for implementing Advanced Thermochemical Conversion Technologies to Energy from Biomass and Wastes. The company’s proprietary CleanTech, generate alternative/ clean energy from waste feedstocks, such as MSW (RDF/SRF), Industrial Waste, MBM (Meat and Bone Meal), Poultry Litter, Biomass/Agricultural Residues, DSS (dry sewage sludge) and Used Tires.

Our strength is the Technology, so we work in direct collaboration with Technology Licensees, who implement our Technology on their own market and region.

Our proprietary Technology has been implemented on several Industrial Projects for Power and Steam Generation, improving the environmental impact while generating important economical savings for the Client.

We have the great support of a group of highly skilled and experienced collaborators, which allowed us to have a real and detailed solution of every application on the Biomass & Waste to Energy Projects.

We are compromised with the continuous improvements and applications of the Technology, with a great focus on the continued R&D programs.

Contribute to sustainable residues management and promote a change on the energy sector with clean, distributed and competitive low carbon solutions, while creating and affordable energy for companies, consumers and more resilient electric grid networks.

Implement and spread our Advanced Thermochemical Conversion Technology to Biomass and Waste to Energy Projects, to generate an economic and environmental improvement on the society, transferring and sharing our knowledge with strategic partners.

Management & Experts Advisors

Andrés Ponce
Founder & CEO

Frederic Horta
Finance Director

Ramon Ticó
Technology Advisor

Albert Tasias
Environmental Advisor

Joaquim Almirall
Papermill Advisor

Enrique García
Burners & Combustion Advisor

Joan Almirall
Waste Management

Ramiro Reyes
Energy Efficiency Advisor


A career at WtEnergy can offer you fantastic opportunities to grow and learn in a dynamic and international environment. We welcome talented and passionate people to go the extra mile to be a part of the cleantech solution and success.