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WtEnergy pioneers circular economy in the Meat and Bone Industry

meat and bone industry

In a groundbreaking technological leap, WtEnergy has been revolutionizing the meat and bone industry for the past 12 years, converting meat and bone meals into sustainable fuels to produce energy. This innovative approach not only aids in conserving fossil fuels but also mitigates CO2 emissions and reduces other pollutants, turning what was once considered waste into a valuable resource.

The Circular Economy Paradigm

WtEnergy’s technology involves gasifying meat and bone meals, creating a closed-loop system that exemplifies the principles of a circular economy. By harnessing this unique process, the company addresses sustainability challenges by repurposing waste into a valuable energy source, covering more than 90% of its thermic energy demand. This not only ensures
resource efficiency but also contributes significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of the industry.

Flour as Biomass: A Neutral Emission Solution

Crucially, the raw material for this process, meat and bone
meals, is considered biomass and is neutral regarding emissions. This eco-friendly approach allows industries to replace conventional fossil fuels with a sustainable alternative, simultaneously saving costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

WtEnergy’s Success Stories: Portugal and Switzerland

The success of WtEnergy’s pioneering technology has
resonated globally. In Portugal, Luis Leal & Filhos adopted this
transformative process, followed by a similar implementation in Switzerland at GZM Extraktionswerk AG. As the sole innovator in gasifying this specific type of material, WtEnergy is spearheading a promising market where industries can achieve significant financial savings while actively contributing to the
decarbonization process.

Environmental Impact: A Decisive Step towards Decarbonization

WtEnergy’s trailblazing efforts have become a crucial step
in the decarbonization journey. The reduction of CO2 emissions in both Portugal and Switzerland is substantial, signifying the positive environmental impact of adopting circular practices in industry operations. This success serves as a compelling case for other companies looking to minimize their carbon footprint and align with sustainable practices.

Future Endeavors: Expanding the Circular Model

Buoyed by these triumphs, WtEnergy is gearing up for two
additional projects in 2024. A 10mW thermic project is on the horizon, expected to save over 11 tons of CO2 annually. These upcoming initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of circularity, fostering a sustainable future for the industry.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Sustainable Transformation

WtEnergy’s innovative approach to gasifying meat and bone meals marks a pivotal moment in the quest for a sustainable future. By championing circularity within the meat and bone industry, the company is not only redefining waste management but also leading the charge towards a decarbonized, eco-friendly tomorrow. As industries increasingly recognize the economic and environmental benefits, WtEnergy’s success stories serve as inspiration for a sector-wide shift towards circular, sustainable practices.

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