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Start of European project HYIELD to produce green hydrogen from waste

WtEnergy drives the European HYIELD Project

Barcelona, January 18, 2024 – In a significant leap towards sustainable energy solutions, WtEnergy Advanced Solutions proudly takes the lead as the promoters of the HYIELD project, formally marking the initiation of Europe’s groundbreaking endeavor to establish the continent’s first large-scale waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant.

With a substantial €15.5 million investment from a 16-country consortium, including Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland, the HYIELD project is set to revolutionize green hydrogen production. Co-financed by Horizon Europe’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a substantial €10 million grant propels this initiative, slated to unfold over the next four years.

The inaugural meeting on January 18, 2024, hosted at WtEnergy’s Advanced Solutions headquarters in Barcelona, saw participation from all consortium partners, along with the esteemed presence of Luca Feola and Antonio Requena Fernández from the CleanHydrogen Partnership.

Driving Forces and Technology Pinnacle

Alvaro Sanchez, project manager at Magtel and project coordinator, opened the meeting with an overview of HYIELD’s comprehensive objectives. The heart of this innovative project lies in the deployment of WtEnergy’s cutting-edge CleanTech gasification technology and the H2Site membrane separation reactor.

The HYIELD consortium, comprised of 3 research centers, 4 technology developers, 5 industrial end-users, 1 waste manager, and 2 specialists, brings together expertise spanning waste management, hydrogen, materials science, thermo-chemical process engineering, and technology scale-up.

Green Hydrogen – A Viable Future

Green hydrogen emerges as a key player in decarbonizing energy-intensive industries, aviation, and shipping. Europe’s waste streams, amounting to 300 million tons annually, hold the potential to yield 30 million tons of green hydrogen, tripling Europe’s 2030 target. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership anticipates waste-to-hydrogen production costs to be significantly lower than electrolysis, potentially below €3/kg.

The HYIELD project, titled “A novel multi-stage steam gasification and syngas purification demonstration plant for waste to hydrogen conversion,” envisions building Europe’s inaugural large-scale waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant. The aim is to produce over 400 tonnes of green hydrogen during the project, setting the stage for future commercial scale-up and replication across Europe.

Implementation and Application

WtEnergy’s Advanced Solutions will play a pivotal role as the technological cornerstone, deploying its CleanTech gasification technology and H2Site membrane separation reactor. The demonstration plant will be strategically implemented at a CEMEX cement factory in Spain, where the produced green hydrogen will be utilized in cement production.

The HYIELD project, steered by coordinator MAGTEL, boasts a diverse consortium of partners including WTENERGY ADVANCED SOLUTIONS, H2SITE, CEMEX, VEOLIA, ENAGAS, EURECAT, CETAQUA, INVENIAM GROUP, INSTITUTO DE CARBOQUÍMICA DEL CSIC, and LA FARGA; joined by MINCATEC ENERGY (France), SINTEF (Norway), ARISTENG (Luxembourg), ARCELORMITTAL (Germany), and SYNHELION (Switzerland).

Fulfilling the Horizon Europe Vision

The HYIELD project, answering the call “Waste to Hydrogen demonstration plant (HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023-01-05),” aligns with the Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s commitment to advancing the EU Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy.

WtEnergy Advanced Solutions stands at the forefront, leading the charge towards a sustainable, low-cost green hydrogen future. Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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