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€10M EU grant victory for groundbreaking waste-to-green hydrogen technology

Revolutionizing Waste Valorization and Green Hydrogen Production

Barcelona, Spain. December 21, 2023 – WtEnergy Advanced Solutions, a pioneering force in CleanTech innovation, celebrates a monumental achievement as the HYIELD Consortium secures a prestigious €10 million grant from the European Union for its revolutionary Waste-to-Green Hydrogen technology.

The HYIELD project, co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe program, aims to establish a transformative pathway for waste valorization and green hydrogen production, with WtEnergy taking center stage as the technological linchpin driving this ground-breaking initiative.

Powerful Consortium and Strategic Investment 

A formidable consortium of 16 partners hailing from Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland is poised to make a significant impact with a strategic investment of €15.5 million towards the development of a 3MWth demonstration plant. This powerhouse collaboration, coordinated by MAGTEL, is set to redefine the landscape of waste-to-hydrogen technology.

Innovative Technology at the Core 

At the heart of this groundbreaking endeavor is WtEnergy’s cutting-edge CleanTech gasification technology and the H2Site membrane separation system. This dynamic duo is designed to efficiently convert biogenic waste streams into high-purity green hydrogen at a remarkably competitive cost. The HYIELD project, with WtEnergy’s innovative technology as its driving force, is anticipated to generate over 400 tonnes of green hydrogen from waste during the demonstration phase.

Unlocking Europe’s Hydrogen Potential

The European Union’s generous €10 million grant recognizes the transformative potential of the HYIELD project. With Europe currently producing 300 million tonnes of waste, this initiative aims to unlock the potential to yield over 30 million tons of green hydrogen, creating a seismic shift in sustainable energy production.

Collaborative Excellence

WtEnergy collaborates seamlessly with esteemed partners in the HYIELD Consortium, including H2SITE, CEMEX, VEOLIA, ENAGAS, EURECAT, CETAQUA, Inveniam Group, CISC, La Farga, MINCATEC ENERGY (France), SINTEF (Norway), ARISTENG (Luxembourg), ArcelorMittal (Germany), and Synhelion (Switzerland). This alliance brings together unparalleled experience in waste management, hydrogen production, and thermo-chemical processes to tackle the challenges of waste-to-hydrogen conversion.

Creating Opportunities and Paving the Way for a Greener Future

Representatives of the HYIELD Consortium express their enthusiasm, emphasizing the collaborative nature of this impactful R&D project. They foresee the venture opening new avenues for low-cost, clean green hydrogen production in Europe, simultaneously creating opportunities for waste valorization and job creation.

A Crucial Testing Ground

The demonstration-scale waste-to-hydrogen plant, set to be tested at a CEMEX cement factory in Spain, will process over 2,000 tonnes of waste, producing nearly 400 tonnes of green hydrogen. This versatile output will be tested for various industry applications, including clean fuels, fertilizers production, steel
industry, and more.

Paving the Way for Commercial Scale-Up and Replication 

Beyond immediate success, the HYIELD project is positioned as a catalyst for the commercial scale-up and replication of waste-to-hydrogen plants across Europe. This ambitious initiative aligns seamlessly with the Horizon Europe call, “Waste to Hydrogen demonstration plant (HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023-01-05),” led by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, supporting the EU Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy.

In Conclusion 

WtEnergy is honored to be at the forefront of this monumental endeavor, driving innovation, sustainability, and a greener future for Europe. The HYIELD Consortium’s success underscores the power of collaborative technological advancement, bringing us one step closer to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy landscape.

About WtEnergy 

Waste to Energy Advanced Solutions (WtEnergy) was born in 2017 thanks to 20 years of experience of its founder Andrés Ponce on gasification, biofuels and clean energy generation (thermal and electric). In 2019, Antonio Crous joins the project as co-founder, to scale the business commercially and develop the implementation of technology within strategic industries and sectors. WtEnergy has developed a unique cleantech technology, with a wide know-how and large number of projects behind it, impossible to find in the gasification and waste to energy market. Both founders have extensive experience in both the technical and business aspects, accompanied by a large team of engineers and experts in gasification plants. WtEnergy is at the forefront of the waste-to-energy revolution, transforming challenges into opportunities and paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. More information:

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