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WtEnergy featured in “La Vanguardia” for leading innovative green hydrogen project

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WtEnergy is thrilled to share that we have been featured in "La Vanguardia", with an article published last April 6, showcasing our groundbreaking achievement in the field of clean energy.

The article highlights the success of the HYIELD consortium, led by WtEnergy Advanced Solutions in receiving the largest grant from Horizon Europe to transform biomass into green hydrogen.

This milestone is not only significant for technological innovation in Spain and Catalonia but also underscores the leadership of Spanish and Catalan technologies in pioneering research. As the technological leader of the consortium, WtEnergy has secured a substantial grant of €4 million and plays a pivotal role in the project, serving as the primary investor in research and development.

Our technology will form the basis of the HYIELD project, which aims to produce green hydrogen from biowaste. This achievement is a testament to the technological prowess of Spain and Catalonia, with the European Commission recognizing the predominantly Spanish (and Catalan) technological foundation of the project.

The HYIELD project holds immense potential, with projections indicating an annual production of 72,000 tons of H2, treatment of 1.2 Mt of waste per year, and a substantial reduction in annual CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the project is expected to create 330 jobs, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability and employment generation.

At WtEnergy, we are committed to revolutionizing energy from waste, turning challenges into opportunities, and paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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